Tina McFarlane has been in business designing for over 30 years in the United Kingdom.  
For the past ten years Tina has concentrated on 'hard' design.  She does not do 'soft' designing.  
Her business is really Architectural Design concentrating on space usage and formation, storage, 
lighting, bathrooms, kitchens and any other areas within the residential home that need design input.  
Tina also designs extensions including loft spaces to residential property.
Tina is primarily a designer, but has been working as a project manager for the past eight years 
alongside her design business.  She has studied Project Management and Building Surveying  
at Reading University as a distant learning student.  This has given her great knowledge of the 'building' 
and enhanced her designs towards practical completion
This special approach combined with considerable experience has led to the completion 
of major projects in England, Scotland as well as foreign  assignments in the Bahamas, France, 
Portugal, Spain and indeed in her home country Australia.
Tina offers a complete design package including Project Management of building works.  
This work is charged out at a agreed fee, normally a percentage of building works.  
Design only package is charged at an agreed amount.  
She is happy to just do the designs, or even to be employed as a consultant
Tina has undertaken the British Interior Design Associations Continued Professional Development programme.   
She has been on the Board of Directors for the BIDA since October, 1999 of which she is Director of Education 
and Exhibitions and she has Project Managed the BIDA showcase at House & Garden Fair for the past five years.
2004 Tina participated in a three day intensive lighting course and hopes to do further studies in this area with
 the view to becoming a lighting consultant.